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Beneath Clouds Practice Essay Notes

Beneath Clouds Essay - AOS Belonging

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Analysis of the film "The Dressmaker" Question: How has the film maker presented the personal journey and growth of the main protagonists? QCE - Year 12 - English.

Feature article on the film Charlie's Country. The overarching theme of the article is the cultural divide between Indigenous and non-indigenous communities within Australian society, and how the film depicts this continuing divide. The article also covers the various themes and motifs underlining the context of the film and how filmic techniques enhance the film in portraying its message.

This speech got me full marks in my Speech Assessment in Year 11, the texts I analysed are the film 'Into the Wild' and the novel 'Looking for Alibrandi'. We only request your email on this form so that the person receiving this email knows it was intended for them and not spam. Anonymous has shared a Document from Thinkswap with you:. Message Body Anonymous has shared a Document from Thinkswap with you: She has a toddler on her lap. This scene seems to highlight the negative aspects of Aboriginal culture — that is, the subordination of women and prevalence of domestic violence.

Quiet acceptance of such exchanges. When out of the car Lena challenges him, and Vaughn replies: Until two suspicious looking, white men stop and offer Lena a lift. She declines but they attack her, attempt to grab her bag and pull her into the car. Camera switches to a high angle shot of both in the left hand foreground, the road and their gaze acts as a vector toward the future — the journey they are on together, now as equals. For the first time, they are empowered by the shot.

Some confiding takes place. Vaughn talks about prison and Lena is not impressed by this. But these questions challenge Vaughn and through then he is encouraged to think more pensively about his life, the direction it is taking and his role in his future. It is an odd scene and the cat seems unnaturally out of place in the environment. Witness the propensity for Vaughn to adopt an aggressive and combative stance. Racial tension is once again noted. Allusion to the past again. Vaughn is stereotypical and Lena is not.

She encourages him to question the choices he has made in his life. She looks toward the future, whilst he dwells more on the past injustices and uses these as an excuse for his current situation.

The natural versus the man made. Symbolic of her connection to Irish heritage. An outward sign of her identity. Lena has hope and a work ethic, whereas Vaughn is comparatively defeated and disinterested. In response to her goal to become a writer, he says: All them words and shit. This is quite an important scene, particularly for Vaughn who had never thought about such things before. Issues of land ownership, cultural decline and race relations are raised.

Both look on in silence. This is the third image like this and the animals have grown in size each time.

More grotesque and inhumane deaths depicted each time. The cockatoo and the fox are both very unnatural images — they have been destroyed and desecrated by the intervention of man. Prompts a theological discussion. The indigenous and the European in harmonious union — suggestion that there is potential for a more peaceful future. Vaughn is captivated by a light, golden coloured horse. High angle shot of its head and one dark brown eye behind bars as Vaughn looks up at it. None of the men in the pub detect her Aboriginal heritage, as made evident through their changed reaction to Vaughn as he enters.

His anger is growing again. At this, he drops the rock and that action is a symbolic gesture which implies that he is ready to choose a different path; one other than violence and vandalism. Well dressed and the extreme close up of the Mercedes badge on his car symbolizes his wealth. Lena looks from the photo of her father, to the scenery outside.

Fog rolls over the green landscape outside and mirrors the same foggy setting captured in the photo. Different but same — perhaps she will find her identity in this place after all. Her closing of the album is a symbolic gesture that indicates her readiness to part with the past, and move forward independently. Ready to own up to her Aboriginality now.

The car is a safe environment for them. The lift is a kind gesture and though no dialogue between driver and passengers is exchanged at its conclusion, the silence and the smiles that Vaughn and the man give one another reflect the potential for healing. But that will only happen if both black and white change the ways they interact.

Wide and high angle shots capture the awesomeness of their mountain surroundings. The diversity of the landscape is revealed. Quiet, older woman in back. Looks up at the mountain, non-diegetic music plays again and the camera cuts to the road ahead, panning to show a factory admist the bush setting. Pollution of the natural environment and juxtaposition with the natural beauty and wonder of the rocky mountain face.

Invasion of the land. They are obviously unemployed and one has a gun in his possession. Symbols of rebellion, crime and violence. Know that they are entering a corrupt and violent world. The 2Pac image is realised and viewers begin to understand the pull of those factors which have influenced Vaughn and led to his current situation.

Finally, Vaughn is made aware of her true ancestry. It is quite significant that the only person to have detected her race is an elder — all the other Aboriginal characters completely miss it. Drugs are thrown from the car — insinuation of addiction once more. Angry black men versus arrogant white men in a position of power.

And the first acts of violence are white on black. The officer pauses for this white girl and Vaughn strikes him. Violence becomes black on white. Marks the moment of change for him and the viewer knows now that he will choose a different path for his future. Acceptance of his stained past, perhaps???

What does this say about the races and the sexes??? Extreme close up shot of clotted blood on sheet, gross! It is the same picture he carried earlier. Shattered glass of the frame symbolizes the fractured family unit. Throws an object at it and it shatters. He literally cannot stand to look at himself. This is another symbolic image. The reflection disappears after Vaughn himself takes action to destroy it.

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Beneath Clouds Practice Essay Notes To what extent is identity linked with destiny for the characters in ‘Beneath Clouds?’ In Ivan Sen’s ‘Beneath Clouds’ the protagonists, Lena and Vaughn, journey through the NSW outback towards Sydney.

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Essay about Beneath Clouds Analysis understandings of a journey. This can be clearly seen in the three films Beneath Clouds, Finding Nemo and (related text) where the journey is undertaken in many ways.

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Beneath Clouds Essays. BENEATH CLOUDS Ivan Sen () NOTES * Opening credits: Images of rolling clouds, vast and immense, threatening and powerful. * Two female, high school students dressed in uniform walk a barren landscape. The only colour and movement comes from the trucks that roar through. Isolated, Aboriginal community. Beneath Clouds Essay Sample. Opening credits: Images of rolling clouds, vast and immense, threatening and powerful. * Two female, high school students dressed in uniform walk a barren landscape. The only colour and movement comes from the trucks that roar through. Isolated, Aboriginal community.