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Essay on Affirmative Action

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❶Government have obligations to ensure equal opportunity of ethnic group with equal right.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Affirmative Action Essay

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Some argument for affirmative action are: Compensatory justice demands affirmative action programs. It is necessary to permit fairer competition.

Shaw, The main objection is that positive discrimination, according to opponents, is in fact nothing more than a tool of infringing on the rights of the majority in favor of minorities. Opponents of affirmative action argue that it reduces the value of the achievements of the individual, assessing the achievement of the principle of membership in a particular social group, rather than his qualifications.

For example, the achievement of minority representatives in the eyes of society are not significant, perceived as the result not of their own efforts, but only due to the provided benefits. So the Arguments against affirmative action are: If this trend proceeds unchecked, before long affirmative action will have to include white males as well and simply become a comprehensive government regulation for education and workplace demographics.

According to the information provided by Thomas Jr Though he notes that white males born within the United States are still the dominant force in terms of the high power positions within the workplace, they are, statistically speaking, a minority. Based on the current trends, white males will only make up 15 percent of the increased work force over the next 10 years if figures hold the same as projected Thomas, Jr.

This will literally reverse the effects the affirmative action was trying to prevent in the first place. Even worse than its misdirection in modern times, is the evidence that affirmative action is actually harmful to equality. While the policy does force employers and educators to accept minorities, it has become such a fixture and such a rigid mandate that those minorities are often seen as inferior in their positions simply because they were entitled to that position Coate This kind of prejudice cannot be regulated away and is the kind of social prejudice that actually creates diversity gaps.

The only thing a policy can do is limit the ways prejudice manifests itself in official situations. To truly correct the issue of ethnic and gender inequality, it has to be addressed at the fundamental level. Since affirmative action was first proven effective in the s, conditions have changed. It is now necessary to consider merit instead of simple statistical qualities Sturm Prejudice is no longer simply a matter of socioeconomic status or gender or ethnicity and the only way left to rise above social prejudices is through attention to individual value, rather than group identification Sidanius It might be easier to hope that affirmative action is still valid and effective, but social conditions change over time and a new tactic needs to be considered for addressing the issues that actually account for prejudice in the modern age, rather than the symptom of decades past.

As noted in the findings of Coate and Loury:. This can be especially true in an economic situation that currently faces the nation. Presently, finding employment is very difficult for almost everyone in the country as job growth continues to diminish. The influence that affirmative action has on the hiring process can, even if unwarranted, lead to hostile feelings and tension between races.

Individuals that do not secure a job could blame the minorities that have jobs at a company because they received aid from a government program. Individuals that claim this will usually also state that affirmative action will overlook a better-suited white worker to hire a minority worker in his place. Regardless of whether this claim is true, the mere existence of a program like affirmative action can create an environment of hostility and tension for minority workers even if they are the most qualified for the job.

In fact, the system in place can create an atmosphere where regardless of the skill set of a minority worker, they will be underappreciated and have their skills downplayed because of the rationale that they were hired simply because they belong to a minority. The statistical information provided from his study backs this statement, however the interesting aspect that he raises is the incorporation of the scrutiny that the program had to endure.

He notes the affirmative action has:. Generally, the racially discriminative practices that were once common occurrences during the early to mid 20th century have subsided, yet research shows a type of "reverse discrimination" that has been the result. Society has moved more and more towards a world where the practices that the program is trying to defend against are becoming obsolete.

This is not to claim that racism, as a whole is not an issue, however it is becoming, in some cases, almost an issue in the reverse of what was originally intended from the implication of affirmative action. The program now almost creates an opposite effect. Instead of continuing the practices that affirmative action has laid out for minorities--both men and women, the system should be looked at from the interior workings of companies.

It is no longer as prevalent of an issue of getting the minority workers into entry-level positions within a company and the history of affirmative action in education demonstrates the need for restructuring. The issue presents itself with their promotion and advancement once they have secured employment Thomas, Jr.

By reconstructing the system, affirmative action can:. While this is still not the ideal solution to the iniquities which accompany affirmative action, it is a definite step in the right direction. The issue of affirmative action can be applied to a larger issue for the nation as a whole, namely:. Instead, a solution that will either cover up the problem or keep it from becoming larger is created and replaced as needed over time.

This is exactly what is seen with the issue of affirmative action. Imagine two students, one white, and the other black. Both students have grown up together, attending the same schools, pursuing the same extra curricular activities, both members of the same social clubs. Imagine the disappointment the white student might feel if the black student was considered for admission to a college or university that had passed up the white students application based on racial factors.

Inequalities did occur in our country many years ago. Black people were not treated the same as white people. As unfair as it was to blacks, these injustices are not going to be solved by giving preferential treatment to black students entering into college, this is only causing the white students to be discriminated against in the same way we are fighting to free blacks from.

This form of affirmative action is only distorting our understanding of racial discrimination A Negative Vote of Affirmative Action. I believe that by allowing affirmative action, we are undermining the self-respect of minority races A Negative Vote of Affirmative Action. Affirmative action may actually be making black people feel inferior because they may not feel they are good enough to earn admission on their own.

Acceptance into college is an earned privilege. It is something we work our entire childhood to achieve. Schoolwork, homework, sacrifices; we do these things to assure our acceptance into a college. It is a rite of passage that we look forward to. I cannot imagine being accepted into a college based upon the color of my skin knowing everybody else made sacrifices for the same privilege. If I gained admission to college based upon the color of my skin, I would always wonder if I was ever actually smart enough to do the same thing on my own.

I would enter into a situation when I felt inferior. I would never feel good enough. Because of affirmative action, many blacks may lose their self-respect because they may not feel they have earned their admissions based on their skills and abilities. By allowing affirmative action, we may also be creating a victim mentality among blacks A Negative Vote on Affirmative Action.

Slavery was an appalling reality that happened in the past. We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it. By allowing affirmative action, instead of growing and learning from the past, we are allowing blacks to use it as an excuse as to why they cannot be successful today. Slavery occurred hundreds of years ago. Now is the time to move on and allow blacks to achieve equal opportunities on their own. Now is the time for blacks to feel the joy of their own success.

Blacks need to feel their own accomplishments; they need to feel the sense of pride that goes along with hard work. Affirmative action allows blacks to wallow in self-pity and allows them to capitalize on injustices that happened hundreds of years ago A Negative Vote of Affirmative Action. Some people may believe that affirmative action levels the playing field A Negative Vote of Affirmative Action. Some think the playing field is tilted in favor of white students.

I believe that white students have to work hard in school if they want to go to college. I go to a school where three to four hours of homework each night it expected. Black or white, hard work is required of us if we want to be accepted into college.

Black people should not be allowed to goof off during high school and expect special treatment from admissions boards. When both black and white students work equally as hard to earn their spots in college, the playing field has been equalized. Another argument some may have in favor of affirmative action is that college admission tests such as the SAT unfairly favor white students. White students may have an advantage because we are exposed to greater vocabulary words at home, or we have benefited from greater life experiences, but take it from a student with learning disabilities, the same tests also discriminate against students like myself.

If we start making changes in these tests to benefit black people, can we also make changes to benefit students with learning disabilities? What about white students who come from underprivileged homes?

Affirmative action as a cause of prejudice

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Free Affirmative Action Essays - Affirmative Action is Discrimination - Affirmative Action is Discrimination Affirmative action is a plan designed to end discrimination by guaranteeing minorities will be hired, regardless of race or gender.

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Essay on Affirmative Action and Discrimination - Affirmative Action and Discrimination 1. Race relations in general and affirmative action in particular have arguably been the most divisive and hotly contested issues in contemporary American politics.

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Sample Affirmative Action Essay. Affirmative action is an issue closely related to cultural diversity. It affects the entire employed and unemployed population of the United States. Affirmative action continues to demonstrate that it causes more harm than good. Affirmative action was created to eliminate discrimination in the workplace. Affirmative action is one of the most controversial and important social policy decisions adopted by the United States in the past decades. Though initially employed to help address decades and centuries of economic, political, and legal subjugation of non-white Americans, affirmative action is a long-since outlived policy choice that is no longer 5/5(1).

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Affirmative Action Essay The principle that all men are equal in rights and should be treated equally is the cornerstone of human rights theory, and is based on the dignity of every person. Affirmative action is a policy or a program that seeks to redress past discrimination of minorities through active measures in order to ensure equal opportunity, as in education and employment.