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Save Earth Essay

Save the Forest

❶We can take measures for controlling environmental pollution and global warming.

Short Speech on Earth in English

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We can also reduce the pollution just by putting that soda can in a different bin. We should save the trees and make the trees save the earth. The schemes afforestation and reforestation should wholeheartedly support. Due to the cutting of solid waste, you can stop the trash which you make in a year. The using of solid waste can harm to the land, and it was taking up less space in landfills.

We can keep the natural vegetation during the use of less paper. We can make arrangements for recycling of used paper and other natural products. It is vital because the plants and tree cover and holds to the planet earth. We all know that the supply of natural resources such as minerals, stones, coal, oil, etc. We can save electricity by putting off the lights when not in use.

Or we can switch to fans instead of air conditioners during nights. We should not pollute water by not throwing wastes into waterborne for save earth because it can become very critical for the earth. We should minimize air pollution by reducing harmful emissions. Use fewer cars, fewer machines, less electricity, and less plastic goods. In the industrial area, the persons should check their machines regularly because it will be helpful reduce the global warming.

If machines are emitting smokes within permissible limits, then it should be checked and repaired by automatically. It ensures the discharged only after treatment. It only takes a second to be environmentally conscious.

Save the earth is the very real campaign for everyone. Everyone has to take responsibility for protecting the land because it is our land and we are living on this earth. So it becomes our responsibility to take care of it.

We should make that all things which can save to the land because the future generation also need the right and good earth. If everyone takes the proper step for the earth then never earth will be down. Consequently, the earth will always be safe. I love helping Aspirants. You may join me on Facebook. Thank you so much for sharing this blog. I want to save my mother nature. Will not be published Required. Do you love it because of the lush trees, fascinating wildlife, or beauty that each season brings?

If you woke up tomorrow and it was all gone, how would you feel? Well global warming has the power to make this happen. Sure it wouldn't happen this fast, but there's a definite possibility of that happening in the future.

Do you love the planet you live on? We have been sheltered and made to believe that through following fads and keeping up with the latest technology and trends, we can escape some of the stress that falls on the human race as our vital resources are being used up. Now Who Is Next? Now, after Haiti, Geophysics' are more concerned about Nepal and its future possible earthquake strike because of its geographical make up.

Nepal lies just above the border between two huge plates that have moved. The scientific community hasn't exactly been sitting idle for the past half century, though despite of all the modern day computing power, it is difficult to predict earthquakes with a hundred percent certainty. Some people have claimed that they've built successful system. They occur without warning and cause millions of dollars in destruction and numerous deaths. For these reasons and more, earthquakes are one of the most unpredictable and devastating occurrences Mother Nature dishes out.

Earthquakes usually occur without warning. The most terrifying of all disasters are natural disasters, the force of nature is rivaled by no man made disaster. One of the natural disasters that has terrorized as well as fascinated humans through out history is the earthquake.

Most earthquakes are associated with areas such as South. My Earthquake Experience Essay Words: Sitting up, I switch on the bedside lamp. The floor is shaking harder now, and I try to stand. A surge throws me backward.

How to save the earth?

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Mar 20,  · Thank you,for this amazing awareness essay on save our mother earth. This will help those people who are trying to save our mother earth by planting trees. So I request that all the people who had read this essay or this type of essay please plant only two plants in one year. And that will help you in your laheimdo.cfs:

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Save trees. We should plant new trees plant trees. The schemes afforestation and reforestation should be wholeheartedly supported. Save natural vegetation. We should use less paper. We can make arrangement for recycling of used paper and other natural products. Plants and trees covers and holds the surface of the earth. Save natural .

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Essay on Save the Earth Save Earth, Save Life Stop Global Warming The group of young and and socially concerned citizens have got together to begin the mission of saving earth, saving Human life of generations ahead by . Save earth is a slogan used to spread awareness among people about the importance of earth and why we should save our mother earth. Save earth slogan motivates people to save earth and its natural resources to give our future generations a .

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Save This Earth Essay For Kids Words: Pages: 1 Paragraphs: 4 Sentences: 12 Read Time: Without the Earth we have no where to live, along with many other organisms. If we don't save the Earth now maybe our children or grandchildren might not be able to see it for long. Important Note: Save Earth Essay is written only for knowledge and reading purpose. You are not allowed to copy / use this article for your school/college work/assignment. You are not allowed to copy / use this article for your school/college work/assignment.