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Education Highlight your college academic experiences. Use action verbs and phrases rather than full sentences to keep the language action oriented and focused on skills and accomplishments. Include what you did plus how, why or the impact of your work. These experiences may be described or simply listed. Interests may be included if they are relevant to the position e. Skills Optional section that highlights skills not mentioned in other section s e.

Enhanced interpersonal skills Bullet plus: Enhanced interpersonal skills by facilitating cross-cultural conversations with Malawian teens and community members. Include what is relevant to your target. Keep descriptions succinct and emphasize your role using vivid, clear language. Numbers stand out on a resume. Start each description with an action verb. Rank your experience based on the internship or job description. Write clear and concise descriptions: What did you do?

What were the outcomes? What skills did you use? Quantities, amounts and dollar values enhance the description of your job or experience. Refer to our Resume Handout for more tips. Cover letters provide an introduction to employers regarding your interest in a position or in being considered for potential positions and your perceived fit with a job and organization. Cover Letters are your chance to showcase more of your personality and uniqueness through your writing style and communication skills.

Unlike the resume, which can be slightly updated for each position, you will need to write a tailored letter each time you apply for a position. Career consultants are available for resume assistance by appointment or during daily drop-in hours.

Resumes Your resume is a self-marketing tool — an advertisement meant to persuade employers to contact you for an interview.

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We can help you identify how best to demonstrate your experiences in many contexts. Have experience with Adobe InDesign? Consider using it to design your resume.

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Below you will find samples to follow in developing your own resume and job-search correspondence. These are also available in the Career Guide, which you can pick up in any of our offices or view online.. Try to avoid copying the samples word-for-word!

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A well-put-together resume is a must! While there’s no surefire way to ensure your resume will be noticed, there are tools and strategies that can help you rise to the top. Consider the following resources for help with resumes, cover letters and applications. University Student Resume Sample & Template University students typically seek either jobs that will help them start their career or flexible part-time jobs that will allow them to support themselves through university.

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BUILD A RESUME. After you draft your resume using the examples below, request to have it reviewed by our career development specialists. etc.—but most recruiters also have their own preferences that help them differentiate between candidates with similar academic and professional experiences. The way you format your resume, how far in . Resume Drop-In Hours Stop by to meet with a Career Assistant, trained students, to have your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile reviewed. Drop-in meetings are available in the Center for Career Exploration & Success (CCES) in the Armstrong Student Center as well as at satellite locations around campus.