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❶Modern psychology is a relatively new discipline. This is something which is taught by parents and based upon the self-control theory, taught by the age of 8.

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This theory shares similar attributes to the theory of ego depletion. One which focuses on the idea that people are more highly motivated to satisfy their immediate desires and pleasures around. This theory can be traced to aspects of self-control from a psychological perspective. It was Freud who established the idea of self-control through the reality principle and the pleasure principle.

Individuals have to learn the necessity of delaying gratification, something which they are taught by their parents as they grow up. Part of the reason they must delay gratification was because of the obstacles they face in real life. Somebody wants to immediately have cash or a random purchase have to delay the gratification of that purchase based upon whether or not they have cash in their bank account.

This is something which is taught by parents and based upon the self-control theory, taught by the age of 8. Those individuals who are not effectively parented and are not taught that they must delay gratification based on the reality of their situation, are significantly more prone to committing certain crimes in order to obtain that gratification.

Following these basic principles the idea of self-control refers to the ability of each person to delay immediate gratification in order to reach bigger goals. This can be compared to the idea of a child who wants money for candy but rather than stealing that money and enjoying immediate gratification from the candy, they delay that gratification so that they can stay out of jail and achieve all of their goals they have in mind which might later on lead to a lot of candy.

This theory presents a loss of control and characteristic for criminal behavior something which can be acute or chronic. Acute low self-control means that it is not typical of the individual and it is something which happens only once. This might happen when a child is incredibly hungry and chooses to steal a piece of candy due to the hunger, something which they would not normally do.

But chronic low self-control is when an individual participates in such activities regularly, something which becomes a central component to their life. In addition to this, a some supporting theory states that self-control reduces in large groups and in large communities more so than in the individual. This is something colloquially referred to as peer pressure, in which an individual who might normally not exhibit low self-control is influenced by the loss of control of the individuals around them which leads to participation in group criminal activities.

While this theory does have a strong foundation in psychology it is clearly not comprehensive enough to thoroughly understand and mitigate the high risk of criminal behavior. It has been argued that the major weakness to this is the fact that self-control was not defined separately from the tendency to conduct crime.

By not doing this individually, the authors suggest that low self-control and a propensity to engage in criminal activities are one and the same. Sport And Criminal Behavior.

Carolina Academic Press, Walsh, A and Jonathan Bolen. The Neurobiology Of Criminal Behavior. Killers have sex with their victims usually because the feeling of dominance. Serial killers enjoy stretching the pain of the victims, as it tends to feel as a sense of power over the victim to them.

They decide whether the victim dies or lives, and how it will happen if that is their plan. Killing is usually the only way these individuals can achieve the feeling of empowerment and domination. The fears of rejection and power are major topics of many serial killings, but excellence plays a role in particular cases. Serial killers think that killing their victims frees them from their wrong doings. Serial killers always kill simply because they are addicted to the feelings they get when they do.

They also adjust every aspect and detail of their behavior so they think there is no reason to stop their killings. They know the consequences of their actions, and how to avoid getting caught. They tend to symbolize others and handle them like objects. They do not have sympathy for others, due to their feelings and state of mind. They often usually imitate the feeling to fool their victims. They become extremely good at the imitation of emotions, and lies become more believable.

Their killings are material symptoms of the combination of their lifelong habits and personal motivations and fears. Essay UK - http: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Psychology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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