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How Does Our Academic Ghostwriting Service Work?

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All AMAs require proof.

We can help you out with all of these, just let us know which you need help with and at what level it is College, High School, University. The next stage is the one in which you select a skilled writer that will aid you in your essay writing.

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Once the writer is finished, you will receive your essay, you can then look through it, check it at every stage to see that your writer has followed your orders and that the paper is up to the standard you and your educational institution expect. Now just hand in your paper, and wait for a fantastic mark to come in! Our website is easy to navigate. We maintain a simple design so you can make your way through the stages of our essay writing service in a stress-free manner.

We provide such an excellent and straightforward service in terms of essay writing, why would we make our website complicated! When you visit our site, you will be greeted with a simple drop-down menu. Where you can specify the format of the essay followed by your email so we can contact you and get the ball rolling. We strive to provide you with a stress-free, high quality essay service.

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Years of Experience 4. Years of Experience 2. Bachelor in Law from the Temple University. Years of Experience 1. Master of Commerce from St.

All of our employees are professional experts with proven expertise in their fields of study. This is what the hiring process looks like: Customers' favourite services Paperell can provide a wide range of college and university writing services.

Why do people choose us? For more than five years we have delivered quality help to students. Trust and Try Now. Get your paper done on time accordingly and release the payment.

In some cases, students are more than willing to provide a ghostwriter with a username and password authorizing access to a university library. Of all the decisions that a student makes in passing his or her work off to a ghostwriter, I always thought this was among the worst. In the vast majority of cases, customers are likely to provide little more than a set of minimal instructions and the dictate to avoid Wikipedia.

Rarely have I been required to extend myself beyond the first two or three pages of search results in either a general Google Search or a scan of Google Scholar. When scholarly journal articles are required, I would usually draw quotes directly from the abstracts readily available through Google Scholar. Alternatively, when specific texts are required, Google Books and Amazon provide generous samplings of which I made liberal use during my years as a ghostwriter. In a stroke of poetic justice, I found that one can actually read quite a bit of my own book this way without paying a penny.

In most cases, communication with the client is indirect, either mediated by a writer-manager or, more commonly, facilitated by a company website.

Here below, for instance, the writer and customer communicate only through a company-hosted bulletin-board forum. Generally speaking, it is common throughout the industry for companies to prohibit their writers from sharing any personal information or engaging in communication with the client outside of the company-hosted forum.

This is for legal reasons and, probably more importantly, as a means of preventing customer-poaching by independent contractors. Once the assignment is visible on this calendar, all research and composition falls to the ghostwriter.

Work is completed independently and, in almost all instances, through web-based research. When an assignment is completed, the writer will either upload it back to the company website or submit it directly to a writer-manager.

Rarely, if ever, will the assignment be submitted directly to the client. Ghostwriting is not an exact science. Therefore, writers are expected to provide free revisions to customers where appropriate.

Failure to do so could result in a refund for the customer and, consequently, lost wages for the ghostwriter. Most ghostwriting companies and ghostwriters are fair and discerning when it comes to revision requests. I found that miscommunication was a common occupational hazard in a job where a significant portion of the client-base is challenged in the field of written communication.

Thus, I daily attempted to navigate orders in which instructions were not clearly articulated, where certain details were omitted or, in some cases, where the customer assumed that I possessed some sort of mind-reading capabilities and that I could simply surmise his or her assignment specifications through telepathy.

He may or may not request a revision. By contrast, if a customer had originally specified that the assignment should be in MLA format and I provided an assignment in AMA format, he would be entitled to request a revision and I would be expected to provide it. There is one catch when it comes to revisions. Neither I, nor any of the companies I ever worked for, guaranteed grades. This meant that if a customer did like a paper enough to hand it in, this submission marked the end of our work with the assignment.

Even if, at this juncture, the customer returns to the website with professor feedback requesting a revision, this revision will be refused. Of course, every customer is free to place a new order through the company based on professor feedback. That is to say that refusal to address professorial revisions is a mere technicality. For the right price, the ghostwriting company will serve as an ongoing source for material in response to professorial feedback. In some scenarios, I can even recall being asked to provide, for a price, responses to professor inquiries regarding completed assignments.

Indeed, this is how I assisted some students in satisfying longer-term commitments such as dissertations or semester-long courses. In many of these instances, the student would become little more than a liaison between a ghostwriter and a professor. Ghostwriters are paid to conduct research, compose material, and take on intellectual challenges every single day. Few will be intimidated by large-scale assignments.

In fact, the certainty of a bigger paycheck is almost always enough to attract a writer for any assignment, no matter how horrible. I once wrote a page paper about International Financial Reporting Standards during one very long week. But I did it. And so do hundreds of other ghostwriters every day. Completing a dissertation is not that difficult. Making it good is another story. Just know that dissertations are more than manageable for the ghostwriter and, at the right pay, well worth the time.

The same is true for online courses, which often are unchallenging. Some for-profit online models are especially vulnerable in this area. Assignments are often recycled, highly accessible for one with no prior subject knowledge, and, in my experience, graded more for mere completion than for quality.

Ghostwriting is distinct among methods of cheating in ways that make it a strong business strategy when executed properly.

The appeal of the product centers around the fact that customers are paying for and receiving completely original material. Most ghostwriting companies have ground-rules for their employees. Key among them is the responsibility to produce wholly original and non-plagiarized materials. This means no cut-and-paste and no recycling old papers. By matter of contract, ghostwriters are not allowed to cheat.

This means that methods of confirming plagiarism such as Google phrase searches or Turnitin original reporting will not single these assignments out. This makes ghostwriting an increasingly popular method of cheating for students who are aware of the plagiarism-detection strategies used by their universities. For ghostwriting companies, there is a strong incentive to ensure that writers are producing original content.

This original content is what gives ghostwriting its unique value. If evidence arises suggesting that the writer has provided material that is not wholly original, the company may launch an investigation that could result in termination. Not coincidentally, it is also a nearly automatic condition for many customers. Once a student with a limited ability to write using the English language has submitted an assignment composed by a professional freelance writer, he or she is on the hook.

A customer runs the considerable risk of being detected retroactively by following a ghostwritten assignment with one of his own compositions.

The differences in diction, phrasing, and sheer compositional ability are likely to be unmistakable. Many companies provide a field by which customers placing a new order can request a specific writer. It was in this way that I would take entire semesters worth of work for some students. The point here is to dispel the notion that ghostwriting services will inevitably produce papers of low quality.

Educators should not be deceived by this comforting assumption. The reality is that even middle-quality writing by a professional ghostwriter will, in many cases, still far exceed the compositional abilities of a student. More importantly, a company that provides a better product will see more repeat customers, will pay higher rates to better writers, will grow, and will be a more dominant presence in the domestic Essay Mill marketplace.

Supply and demand is seasonal. The ebb and flow of demand is highly contingent upon the scope of the typical school year. Orders are created year-round. However, demand is far lower in the summer months. By contrast, September to May marks the regular season for ghostwriting. Demand is steady and there is always a stable of writers equal to the number of orders, however overburdened with deadlines this stable might be during Finals.

Likewise, I can tell you from experience as a freelance writer that this was the easiest, most consistent, and most reliable way to keep my schedule filled with paying work every single day, especially for a recent graduate fresh from campus. The demand for academic ghostwriting is always sufficient to ensure work for those writers who are prolific and enterprising enough. During busy seasons—which coincide with Midterms and Finals in Late November, Early December, and Mid-March through May—most ghostwriting companies actually have more work than they can handle.

I did most of my work through a hub that took in orders from a number of syndicates. Our staff consisted of at least writers at all times. Some companies boast far larger writer pools than that.

During busy seasons, demand would sometimes temporarily exceed supply. More challenging or time-consuming accounting or computer science orders would remain unclaimed on the Assignment Board while writers gobbled up the easier liberal arts papers that flooded the site all day and night. This supply and demand ratio makes ghostwriting a fairly attractive entry point for freelance writers with no other paying outlet. This is the kind of condition that can attract not just aspiring writers such as my younger self but also underpaid adjuncts, underemployed scholars, and frustrated educators approaching retirement.

Ghostwriting sites often boast the services of such individuals. This claim is true, even though many humble liberal arts bachelors like me learn to represent themselves as PhDs when pressed on the subject. Ghostwriting is not an easy job but getting work doing it is very easy. One of the core strengths of the ghostwriting business is how effectively it has been able to proliferate entirely through search engine visibility.

Little marketing may be needed to get a company off the ground beyond effective Search Engine Optimization SEO and, for some companies, investment in a sponsored search link. Custom paper writing is entirely driven by how immediately findable the service is on a Google search.

Because ghostwriting services operate largely within the confines of the law, they do conduct business out in the open. For the most enterprising of custom paper-writing businesses, the field has the capacity to be highly profitable.

As a service-based business, its overhead is modest. Writers are independently contracted. This means that employee compensation is only required when orders have been commissioned and completed to satisfaction. Beyond that, expenses include web design, web maintenance, and compensation for full-time employees such as writer-managers. In reality, though, with a properly automated bulletin board web system, a company can be run by very few people and for extremely little overhead.

This makes the possibility of new entrants into the market a real and constant one. Executing properly and investing in a good website upfront, a paper-writing company can pop up and become profitable in under three months. This suggests that a strategy of confronting individual ghostwriting companies, even the most successful of them, is a temporary solution at best. Companies vary widely in credibility. Like any industry, ghostwriting exists along a broad spectrum of quality.

There are many companies that provide a great product at a fair rate. But there is also no shortage of sub-standard companies, many based outside of the United States, with some concentration in Eastern European countries.

Companies of this nature churn out cheap, low-grade papers, often composed by writers for whom English is not a first language. Students seeking out a custom-paper service must be wary of this high variance in quality. And in most instances, the customer will have very little recourse against a shady paper-writing company. While the better companies are compelled to produce quality work in the interests of business growth and customer retention, less competent companies are more concerned with turning over a large number of assignments every day.

This variation means that while there are quite a few paper-writing companies out there, not all of them can produce assignments that pass muster. However, grading professors will. Without knowingly detecting impropriety, many a professor can at least safely assume that he or she has punished students for using these subpar services by giving them bad grades. Many of these subpar companies are destined for a short lifespan, to be outlasted by those which provide a higher quality product.

Generally speaking, until Consumer Reports begins conducting encompassing reviews of the academic ghostwriting business, it falls upon the customer to navigate with caution. In addition to a high variance in quality from one service to the next, there is a high variance of quality between writers. Some ghostwriters are truly excellent at what they do.

Moreover, many actually view themselves as scholars. As a ghostwriter, I worked hard to make the most of my educational opportunities by conducting sound research and producing high-quality writing. However, the process by which one becomes a ghostwriter and, consequently, begins taking on complex and varied assignments, is not terribly rigorous. Screening for new hires is modest at best. As noted earlier in this account, the hiring process usually requires only a short sample essay on a fairly straightforward subject.

This opens the door for an extremely broad spectrum of talent levels where ghostwriting is concerned. From frustrated retiring professors down to frustrated undergraduate students such as myself all those years ago, applicants have many reasons for going into ghostwriting. Some applicants are excellent, some are qualified, and some are simply in need of paying work.

Natural ability is not always the prime motivator for an aspiring ghostwriter. And with so many orders to fill during busy seasons, many paper-writing companies will intentionally hire new writers with little discernment. Because the work can be difficult, the view is that many of the lower-performing ghostwriters will simply fall by the wayside. This is quality assurance by attrition. Though it does effectively weed out unqualified writers, it may not do much to protect the students they serve before they burn out.

As noted, while supply and demand offers a favorable equation for the ghostwriting business, volume is highly dependent upon slow and busy seasons. One thing that this dependency shows us is that the volume of ghostwriting orders in transaction on the Internet is directly proportional to the number of papers that have been assigned by the totality of American universities at any given time.

In fact, for many students, the sheer pressure of a heavy Midterm or Finals workload will be a major motivation in deciding to employ a ghostwriting service. This means that professors interested in catching students in the act should be on especially high alert for suspicious submissions at these times. The counterpoint to these times of heavy volume is the period between June and August. While there are always assignments coming in, the Spring semester flood will slow to a trickle at certain points in the summer.

For both the business and its employees, the summer represents a time of exceedingly slow business. To paraphrase President Calvin Coolidge poorly , the ghostwriting business is a business. Educators will serve themselves well to accept this fact. The misconception that ghostwriting is a random and limited phenomenon is neither accurate nor useful. In fact, this idea helps to fuel the survival of the Essay Mill industry. Like any traditional business model, the top companies advertise their services, file their taxes with the IRS, and keep their attorneys on speed-dial.

But these same companies benefit from the fact that you might think them too illicit, too untrained, too unprofessional, or too shortsighted to be good at what they do. Those paper-writing services that do it well will survive and succeed. Those that do it poorly will fail. Those that do a half-assed but serviceable job will probably find a nice niche, serving customers with shallow pockets. Well, when we start to view ghostwriting as a business rather than an educational sickness, it makes sense to ask how one might go about preventing any business model from succeeding.

Presuming that supply is a consequence of demand in this industry, one must remove the demand. We would recommend proceeding from this resource to that one. Indeed, the emphasis in both resources is on coming to understand the nature of the ghostwriting business and the reasons it succeeds. Many of these reasons can actually be pinpointed within the classroom. Certain educational challenges implicate a more systemic set of obstacles than the need for better essay-policing.

When we consider the difficulties that ELL students or students with deficient linguistic skills face in college and graduate school, we can see that many of the reasons that students have for cheating are forged long before the decision to do so is made. In the simplest of terms, ghostwriting companies are succeeding where schools are failing. These services are helping students get passing grades. In most cases, these services are helping students who, either due to a lack of motivation or a lack of ability, would not otherwise get these passing grades.

Finding a way to make the learning imperative a more powerful motivator than the grade imperative is no easy task. Where most students are concerned, there is a lot more riding on good grades than knowledge. This incongruity must be the focus for educators who are committed to rooting out academic ghostwriting. You can preempt the demand that fuels the constant creation of supply.

Consequently, that supply may show up with substantially less frequency on your desk. But the discussion here on the ins and outs of the business should provide a critical first stepping-stone toward confronting the ghostwriting problem. Get to know the business and its customers and you may have a much better chance at preventing your students from seeking out the former and becoming the latter. Cheating Behaviors in Academic Context: Does Academic Moral Disengagement Matter?

Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences , 29, Academic Performance and Cheating: The Journal of Educational Research, 97 3. Chronicle of Higher Education. University Course Work to Order. Ghostwriting an Ongoing Problem in Medical Literature. Analyses of 10 North-American college websites. System, 31 2 , The majority of students who employ online ghostwriting services will locate their chosen provider by way of search engine. Specific keywords and phrases reveal a broad, varied, and seemingly endless set of relevant search results.

The following keywords and all permutations thereupon can be used to dive headlong into the world of online ghostwriting:. The alphabetical index below is an exhaustive, though not necessarily all-inclusive, listing of ghostwriting services and essay mills in operation as of November, The sites included here encompass a wide array of services from free-standing, independent paper-writing services to those which are affiliated with larger essay mill networks.

Sites included in this index are headquartered throughout the globe, with particular concentration in the United States and the United Kingdom. Beyond the common thread of providing custom essay-writing services to students, the sites included here run the gamut in terms of focus, target audience, brand management, and professionalism. Each site presents itself as a legitimate academic service, but makes little effort to conceal its intent to provide ghostwritten work to students. By direct contrast, sites like E-Cheat or Phuck School have taken a decidedly more explicit approach to representing their services.

Thesis Statements targets students struggling with large-scale, graduate, and post-graduate projects, while E-Coursework appeals to students in online courses. Based on its chosen font and imagery, Get A Paper seems designed to capitalize on the Beatlemania of 50 years ago, whereas Essaypedia takes a far more current strategy by marketing itself to hipsters.

Sites like 12, Papers and 15, Papers, which both appear to be affiliated with the same broader network, use large databases of recycled essays in order to attract custom-paper buyers.

Sites like Academic Mythology Papers and Anthropology Papers focus on assignments of a specific discipline; however, it also appears likely that many of these subject-specific sites are affiliated with general providers of academic research. In sum, this resource includes links to more than ghostwriting websites in operation today. That figure renders this the single largest and most current index of such services available online today. A Level Essays members.

A Reports a-reports[DOT]com A Writer a-writer[DOT]com A-1 Essays aoneessays[DOT]net We may close this project. For the most part, essay looks fine. There are multiple grammatical errors and run-on sentences to be noted. I will correct those. In case you used our services but do not have an account yet, please choose ' I am a new customer ' option on the order page. Thank you for understanding! Please, enter email address. Our Service Is Your Solution!

Books Creative Content Manuscripts. Sabrina, Austria Thank you so much for editing it! Junko, Japan The writer always listened to me and kindly followed my requests.

Evangelos, USA This paper is absolutely amazing, but most of all, thank you for even listing the links to the bibliographical work, you did an awesome job, and I respect you a lot for it! Wide Range of Writing Services. We have the best ghost writers available for whatever type of ghost writing services you are in need, whether it is some sort help with your research paper or the completion of your book, we can be of assistance.

You can rest assured that all of our services are completely confidential and you will have full credit for the paper. All of our services are created from scratch by professional writers. The original text is the most powerful and the biggest factor on the way to your success. Our specialists have a lot of effective and interesting ideas and know how to approach them from a different perspective.

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