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Make an order with us; we will assign the best possible team of The political connections that Stefansson had and used are covered. Especially interesting is how Stefansson, an ethnographer, became connected with the Canadian Geological Survey, then under the direction of R.

At that time, some geologists and other scientists doing field work also collected ethnographic materials and part of the Survey's legislated function was to study the native peoples of Canada. Materials for the new National Museum were wanted. Brock saw that for a small financial investment, he could have Stefansson bring back anthropological specimens for the museum.

The conflict between the two co-commanders, the zoologist Rudolph Andersen and the explorer and anthropology graduate student Stefansson, is another example of the scientist-explorer dichotomy. The reasons Andersen gave for not being able to get his work done are similar to the complaints of other scientists on Arctic expeditions.

The author notes that Leffingwell's work had long-term importance. An odd comment by the author is that there was poor evidence for Mikkelsen's belief in land in the Beaufort Sea. According to other sources, many people thought that the theory of land forms in the northern seas based on the tidal movement was convincing.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson in full Arctic clothing, Just two of the many books Vilhjalmur Stefansson wrote are mentioned here. An important source of information on Stefansson's attitudes about himself and of a very different point of view from others on his expeditions is Discovery: The Autobiography of Vilhjalmur Stefansson.

A small section of Berton C. Willard's biography Russell W. He further points out that the expedition commander E. Baldwin would not let the men keep a record of the trip in their diaries. This may explain, in part, the lack of written accounts of the expedition. Ernest de Koven Leffingwell was not interested in writing a dramatic account of his adventures, but offered short accounts to several popular magazines upon request.

He gives details of the plans for reaching the pole, and mentions but does not complain as much as he did in other places about having to spend time carrying supplies to support the pole efforts rather than doing his scientific work.

In an interesting aside, he recounts a story about Russell Porter killing a polar bear, but it is a bit different from Porter's account in his journal. As an almost-alumnus of the University of Chicago--he never finished the doctorate he was working on there when he left for the Arctic--Leffingwell contributed 'A Communication from Leffingwell' to the University of Chicago's alumni magazine.

In this short article, Leffingwell tells how he learned about the Baldwin-Ziegler Polar Expedition, describes the work he hoped to do and the work he actually did, and how he and Ejnar Mikkelsen made plans for their own expedition.

He gives a brief summary of the reasons they thought there might be new lands or even an 'undiscovered continent' in the polar sea. Their soundings in did establish the location of the continental shelf in the region, which proved that there was no large land mass there.

Leffingwell also describes the trip in the Argo , which is much more fully detailed in Clark's article. Leffingwell provides a good summary of the whole expedition and notes that his own journals have little value. They had agreed at the outset that Leffingwell would write the scientific reports and Mikkelsen the narrative of the expedition. Mikkelsen's Conquering the Arctic Ice is an extremely detailed, dramatic account of winds, currents, and shoals when covering the sailing aspects of the trip, and high pressure ridges, open lanes between the ice floes, problems with dogs, and days spent in tents weathering storms when covering the trips on the pack ice.

The dangers of traveling in the north are not as exaggerated as in earlier accounts, but they certainly are prominent in the book. It fits into that category of Arctic adventure story that Leffingwell did not like! Mikkelsen is full of praise for almost all the members of the expedition.

There is no mention of the problems that seem to have arisen among the members when Mikkelsen wanted to go out on the ice again and Leffingwell wanted to map inland. The only comment on the scientific results of the expedition is that they 'had ascertained the extent of the Continental Shelf, and even if we had not found the land we had so implicitly believed in, it was a consolation for us to know that to prove the absence of land was of as much scientific value as to find it!

The report covers all aspects of what was considered scientific work at the time: He also includes valuable social and political information such as the effects of the type of publicity the expeditions received, attitudes of members of Congress toward funding expeditions, and funding the publishing of results and reports. The chapter on geology gives a context in which to look at any one geologist's work and contains many references to the original geological literature. Even the Franklin search expeditions were important in that geological materials, mostly fossils, were brought back.

Topics of interest included land bridges and the distribution of flora and fauna. Caswell notes which expeditions had no success with geological research. Some expeditions, such as Greely's, had to abandon their collections. Caswell does note that the nature of such field results prevented any generalizations from being drawn and also did not help support theoretical work. He contrasts the usual situation with that of Peary's, where Peary spent a long time in Greenland and accommodated visiting scientists, including T.

The debate over the nature of the Greenland Ice Sheet between Chamberlin and Tarr in the 's was part of the wave of interest in glacial studies in Greenland. Levere, in his essay 'Vilhjalmur Stefansson, the Continental Shelf and a New Arctic Continent,' argues that since the geographical aims of many expeditions were considered to be scientific endeavors at the time, science was a major part of all Arctic expeditions 'almost half of which achieved significant results.

The author notes the tension between scientists and geographers on the expeditions he discusses. The paper summarizes what has been found on or near the Queen Elizabeth Islands that Stefansson explored. Apparently, the natives did tell Stefansson about coal deposits as they had told William Parry a hundred years earlier.

No one on Stefansson's expedition actually mapped the geology of the region. The article summarizes what has been found since Stefansson explored the area; the major oil- and gas-bearing formations are described, and maps included. Nassichuk concludes that Stefansson's main contribution was his insistence that the region did hold mineral resources that could be exploited.

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