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❶The balanced reaction equation: Answer Questions What is a predicate?

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The Branches of Science http: Branches of Science http: Not all branches are included. Plus, most people have there own hw to do and shouldn't be worrying bout yours! Answer Questions What is a predicate? I'm doing Civics homework and it makes no sence? I need to know how ma n oz ml? What are two variables which could be substituted for Y and X in the graph below?

How do you write in the third person about yourself? What are the 5 countries with the largest populations? Convert degrees celcius to Farenheit?

What are some reasons why people do not believe in life after death? Mourners often save these letters for years. Yet, the apparently simple act of writing a condolence letter is a lost art.

Actually, letter-writing itself is a skill in danger of extinction, given the ease of calling on the phone. Of course, you can purchase commercially available condolence cards and add your own brief message, but a well-crafted, personal letter of condolence is a wonderful gift to a mourner.

A good condolence letter has two goals: The best letters are like conversations on paper-free-flowing as if you were talking during a visit. Most often, they are written to the bereaved person to whom you feel closest although it could be a general letter to the family. It should be written and sent promptly, generally within two weeks after the death.

Use any standard stationery and write it by hand. Some etiquette experts recommend brevity, although if you have particular stories you wish to tell about the deceased, the letter may be lengthy.

Here are some specific guidelines for writing a good condolence letter. Acknowledge the loss and name of the deceased. This sets the purpose and tone of the letter. Let the bereaved know how you learned of the death and how you felt upon hearing the news.

Using the name of the deceased is a tribute that comforts most mourners. Let the bereaved know your sadness. Use words of sympathy that share your own sorrow. This will remind the bereaved they are not alone in their suffering. Note special qualities of the deceased. Acknowledge those characteristics that you cherished most about the person who has died.

These might be qualities of personality leadership, sensitivity , or attributes funny, good at sports , or ways the person related to the world religious, devoted to community welfare. You might write of the special relationship you noted between the deceased and the bereaved. Recall a memory about the deceased. Tell a brief story or anecdote that features the deceased. Try to capture what it was about the person in the story that you admired, appreciated or respected.

Talk about how the deceased touched your life. Use humor-the funny stories are often the most appreciated by the bereaved. Remind the bereaved of their personal strengths. Bereavement often brings with it self-doubt and anxiety about one's own personal worth. By reminding the bereaved of the qualities they possess that will help them through this period, you reinforce their ability to cope. Among these qualities might be patience, optimism, religious belief, resilience, competence, and trust.

If you can recall something the deceased used to say about the mourner in this regard, you will really be giving your friend a gift. Offer help, but be specific. A definite offer to help with shopping, the kids, volunteer work, or whatever is more appreciated. Or offer to contact the mourner after the initial shiva period when the commotion has subsided. Then, do it-don't make an offer you can't fulfill. End with a word of phrase or sympathy.

Somehow, "sincerely," "love," or "fondly," don't quite make it. Try one of these: Dear Aunt Sylvia, Acknowledge the loss and name the deceased. I was shocked when Mom called this morning to tell me the news of Uncle Morton's death. I know he was not feeling well, but the sudden heart attack he suffered brought an end to this wonderful man that was too soon. Words really cannot express how sad I feel. My heart is filled with sympathy on the loss of your beloved husband.

I loved him too. Uncle Mort was such a colorful man. I have never seen a man so dedicated to his work. He lived for the store. And was so funny; he loved to kid people, to kibbitz, to talk to the customers. Devoted to his beautiful family, especially you, he loved being surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

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Nov 06,  · 1. You and your friend are shopping for painting supp lies. Your friend wants five bottles of paint and one set of paint brushes. You want seven bottles of paint and two sets of paint brushes. Each bottle of paint costs $ If you and your friend’s total cost is $, what is the cost of one set of paint brushes? Resolved.

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Sep 11,  · If you can only answer one that's fine, if the thought process is clear I can use it to figure out the other ones. Please, only submissions with work included. Here's some background on the problem When a mixture of g of show more I'm stuck on a specific type of problem for my chemistry Resolved.

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Jun 02,  · Best Answer: You can punch these into a scientific calculator just the way they are written to check your answers. (2 × 10^-5) ( × 10^1) The rule is you multiply the numbers and add the powers. 2 x = 10^-5 x 10^1 = 10^-4 Put them together: x 10^-4 Scientific notation requires a Status: Resolved. Sep 25,  · Alyssa my dear. Either go to Library and get a Book out on James Madison, or use the Yahoo or Google search engine, to get your homework done. This is too lengthy to be posted on here. And you benefit greatly by doing the study for your homework Resolved.

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Nov 21,  · can you write these in an algebraic expression? it will be awesome if you helped there is 15 five greater than an unknown number= an unknown number decrease by four= four more than an unknown number= six less than an unknown number= six less an unknown number= an unknown number increased by ten= twice an unknown Status: Resolved. May 11,  · Can you help me with my homework?? I'm doing a science homework and it doesn't say in the textbook, I searched in the Internet but I didn't find anything good.. help me, please Here is the question: The honey bee can give a painful sting to an attacker, but the bee dies after it uses its Resolved.