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Loneliness Essays (Examples)


❶When a person is a representative of a different culture in a certain social setting, he or she may feel isolated and uncomfortable in this situation.

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Essay on Loneliness
Reasons for Loneliness

In another researcher also developed models that portrayed the attachment theories. These models were based on studies conducted to discover how we coped as adults and were based on whether we were secure or avoidant personalities see figure 1 These attachment theories and models are primarily based on how we as individuals are treated, and how we attach ourselves to others as infants and throughout our respective childhoods.

In Travis Hirschi presented four social bonds which promote socialization and conformity. These include attachment, commitment, involvement and belief. Hirschi said that the attachment process was only part of the development we as humans go through. Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood's Dystopic.

Not only do the handmaids have no privacy; they sleep with their masters under the watchful eye of the wives. Their days are segmented and scheduled. Women lack autonomy and their bodies belong not to them but to the oppressors. One of the most poignant reminders of the low position of women in Gilead society is the invasive and coercive medical examination required for all handmaids.

The doctor's free reign and his dealing with her as a "torso only" underscore the position of women in Gilead. Using the passive voice, Offred senses the deep impersonality of the situation and just as she does…… [Read More]. Durkheim's Anomic and Egoistic Suicide. Another compelling component that confirms Dukheim's consensus is the fact that despite more women than men experiencing depression, the number of male suicides is consistently larger. Ibid In Light of Suicide's Darkness In light of suicide's darkness, along with the contention that Durham's explanation of anomic and egoistic suicides is a valid reflection of social reality, several patterns of suicide that might be observed in contemporary American social life include: Greater incidents of suicide may be probable in individuals who have experienced the loss of their family, as Durkheim noted that family life protects an individual from suicide.

Less incidents of suicide are anticipated overall and among Jews in the U. Greater incidents of suicide may occur in work environments…… [Read More]. Durkheim's Explanation of Anomie and. As in Durkheim's day, persons often come to cities, leaving family and home behind to seek their fortunes but only find loneliness.

Also, one would also expect to see suicides more often in college students and young worker who traveled far from their original homes, and were unable to adapt to a new community. These persons are often forced to form social ties with strangers, and forced to create a new schema of values that might conflict with their parental values. If unable to do so, they may feel unable to return to their own way of life, but seem to have no future. Rural communities might also show high levels of suicide, if sufficiently isolated from nearby towns, and if populated by houses that are sparsely, rather than closely located together and discourage community ties.

These communities could be just as lonely as urban apartments. Diverse communities, without social…… [Read More]. Hornblower Horatio Hornblower's Education in. Although he also credits "good fortune" as well as his own prowess, showing how he has become more modest with age and wisdom. Clearly sometimes fortune saves Hornblower, as the sudden dismissal of Captain Pellew concealed his misadventures with the Marie Gallante p.

His fearless fighting eventually results in his temporary promotion to lieutenant, unlike other men who lack equal "quickness" under pressure in battle. Although the novel is widely considered a classic, and is therefore presumed to be timeless in terms of its characters and themes, when a contemporary filmmaker wished to adapt its themes for present day audiences, there were certain aspects of the work that demanded changes, not in plot but in thematic emphasis and visual depiction.

First of all, the religious themes of the novel were toned down. Bronte's religious concerns were presumed to be of less interest to modern audiences.

Secondly, the passion between Jane and Mr. Rochester was made much more explicit in the film. When a viewer sees a romance on screen, the unspoken thoughts in the characters mind must be turned into a picture.

In prose, Jane's doubts about Rochester's love sound more real. Lastly, the contrast between book and…… [Read More]. Temptations of Jesus in the. He follows the voice of the father rather than the voice of the devil.

On the strength of resisting the first two temptations, there is truly only one response to this final and most extreme temptation.

Jesus sends Satan away. There are many similar temptations for Today's Christian. The world and its glory are inviting. Why not use the means available to satisfy every physical and emotional need? The problem with this is that it results in spiritual poverty. No earthly glory or possession can replace the words of God mentioned by Christ in his refusal of the first temptation. Life is about more than personal and material gain.

Life is about growing spiritually and preparing for the final glory to be found in eternal life with Christ. Critics have focused on the role of Satan in the temptations 5. In the New Testament, the devil, like…… [Read More]. Marriage and the Family the.

This is essential if we are to ensure that children receive proper and stable parenting - which is so essential to child development in all areas. Debate and different views as to new modes and methods of improving and promoting family and marriage have their place.

However, this does not mean that the ideal of family should in any sense be diminished or discarded. Parental Investment and Child Outcomes. A Christian Theology of Marriage and Family. National Review, 55, Retrieved October 30, , from Questia database: Leiden, The Netherlands E. The Politics of Family.

Sophocles Antigone in Sophocles Play. Antigone suggests that Creon has defied the divine law even though he claims to promote lawful behavior, suggesting that he violate ritual and that it is her duty to change that, "Hate and scorn and shame have followed us, we two, living with hell's own curse Antigone argues that her actions are done out of love, desperately pleading to her sister Ismene "You coward!

Stop turning my love into hate Antigone also proclaims that she "wasn't born to hate one with the other, but to love both together" referring to her brothers Braun I love my brother" Braun The chorus however suggests that law superceded love, stating "The mind is full of cunning, for evil and for…… [Read More].

Setting and Plot in Puig's. They must pass time through story telling and caring for each other. In "If This is a Man," Primo has to bury his dignity and identity. Chapter 13 the selection to gas chamber, cold, hunger and work leaves little margin for though, even this though, resignation or despair, p. Contrasting While similar in many ways the works are also very different.

In Levi's work plot is not as important an issue as is Primo's concern with telling his tale through the day-to-day experiences he encounters. Yet these very details including the various settings in which he lives and the tales shared by his character help the…… [Read More].

Irishman Colin Toibin's Novel the. In his master's voice But, since this is totally a novel regarding memory and return, the narrative keeps recoiling, as if going after James's thought processes, into the vital episodes of his bygone life.

In this astute manner we are able to inch into James's strange family life which gives an account of his father's horrendous pursuit of spiritual perfection, his mother's shielding care of her writer son, the ailment and demise of his scathing, talented, neurotic handicapped sister Alice, his disagreement with his haughty elder brother William.

Henry's avoidance of the American Civil War radically was at divergence with his brother Wilkie's injuries; his love for his alluring and destined young cousin Minnie Temple; his proximal, jittery friendship with the novelist Constance Fenimore Woolson, her suicide in Venice and James's vacating of her belongings.

However, they are assorted with the scenes which Toibin has made-up or drawn up from…… [Read More]. Nathaniel Hawthorne The Scarlet Letter and the Minister's Black Veil Born in Salem, Massachusetts, Nathaniel Hawthorne, , is considered one of the great masters of American fiction, with tales and novels that reflect deep explorations of moral and spiritual conflicts Hawthorne pp.

He descended from a prominent Puritan family, and when he was fourteen years old, he and his widowed mother moved to a remote farm in Maine Hawthorne pp. Hawthorne attended Bowdoin College, , and afterwards devoted himself to writing, publishing his first novel in Hawthorne pp.

He attempted living at Brook Farm, a community experiment begun by a group of Transcendentalists, but was less than enthusiastic by what he saw as hypocrisy and excessive idealism Canada pp. To support them, he took a job…… [Read More]. Byronic Hero and Human Sympathy. Reason and science were replacing the imaginative and poetic view of life. The Romantic poets opposed the increasingly mechanical and scientific world and one of the ways that they expressed their opposition can be seen in the adoration of nature.

Byron was the most cynical and radical of the Romantic poets. He was unlike many of the other poets in the Romanic movement in that he was extremely realistic and had no illusions about reality and the negative side of human life and nature.

He saw mankind as essentially "fallen. The Byronic hero therefore struggles in a universe which is essentially without divine guidance. He relentlessly interrogates the human situation. This process of interrogation and the search for a higher form of existence produces a conflict within his poetic works…… [Read More]. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage the Byronic. He was also aware of the politics that occur in his time, and was concern of how those with powers fight against each other to conquer their desire of owning nations.

Gaul may champ the bit And foam in fetters; -- but is Earth more free? Did nations combat to make One submit; Or league to teach all kings true sovereignty? In the middle part of the poem, Byron's nobility was shown as he gives respect and credit to people who did honorable deeds, saying that But these are deeds which should not ass away, And names that must not wither, though the earth Forgets her empires with a just decay, The enslavers and the enslaved, their death and birth; Moreoever, despite of all the loneliness and pain that the narrator had experienced, from his youth up to his old age, as well as those that he witnessed…… [Read More].

Fear of Pollution Is a. Both women suffer hard and endure their pain gracefully. Wang Ya-Ming cries but does not feel sorry for herself. Her tears are like a symbolic means of self-purification. She stood "with her back to the classroom," and did not make a habit of crying 3. Her inner strength is evident in her self-composure. Wang Ya-Ming is stalwart and self-contained. She studies hard and for the most part ignores and quietly endures the taunting and teasing.

At one point in the story, the narrator notices that her chin was "tilted slightly higher than usual, as through she were calmed by a feeling of repose and a sense of contentment," 3. When she is forced to sleep on a hard bench outside of the dorm bedroom, she comments, "Sleep is sleep no matter where you lie down, so what's the difference," 5. Depression in Literature Minnie Wright. Then after Homer disappeared, she gave china painting lessons until a new generation lost interest, and then "The front door closed Emily's depression caused her to become a recluse.

All three female protagonists are so dominated by male authority figures that their loneliness leads to severe depression, which in turn leads to madness, then eventually acts of violence. None of the women have active control of their lives, however, each in their own way makes a desperate attempt to take action, to seek a type of redemption for the misery and humiliation they have endured by the male figures in their lives.

Works Cited Curry, Renee R. Japanese Thought and Nature in. The multiple interpretations of simple words and phrases used in modern haiku give the reader a more participatory role in their reading; instead of being literature alone, the haiku that inspires varied meanings becomes art and involves the reader in its interpretation.

Another instance of these multiple interpretations contributing to a deeper understanding of the haiku is seen in the aggregate definition of "mountain village. These choices of interpretation allow the haiku to take on its own meaning, above nature, above literal interpretations of the words, and to resonate more deeply with the reader. It is this concept of "blending" interpretations of haiku, Hiraga says, that allows the haiku to take on a deeper meaning than its literal interpretation may…… [Read More].

Self-esteem and self-efficacy are issues that are of primary importance. These are affected by a number of environmental factors, including immediate family, but also the environment in which a person moves, as well as the wider social environment.

Contextualism Contextualism was promoted in by S. Pepper, and was previously known as "pragmatism. In psychological development, contextualism suggests the influence of a broad number of categories, beginning with the immediate family, and broadening to the peer group, society, and global environment.

Behavior is therefore to be seen in the context not only of immediate family and peer influence, but also in the context of broader society. According to Morris , Pepper's use of the term "contextualism" first occurred during , where he referred to John Dewey's…… [Read More]. Depression, Disease, And Aging Aging brings many changes in health, social relationships, work situation, and other dimensions of life, and old age has been examined as one aspect of life development, showing how earlier stages contribute to the coping mechanisms older people have and how they apply these to new situations.

A number of the changes accompanying old age can create stress and depression, and in turn these psychological states can contribute to the onset of disease or to the course disease takes. Studies have also shown that untreated depression can contribute to a higher suicide rate for the elderly. How the elderly person is affected may depend on his or her closest relationship.

The aging process for many includes physical or mental deterioration which can place considerable strain on the life partner, who now has to contend not only with his or her own diminished function because of aging…… [Read More]. Cults in Ingrid D Wrote Home. Cults In Ingrid D. If you send me clothing, it should be orange, red, or burgundy. Although he preached that the family was an out-of-date institution that should be replaced, he did encourage his followers to make peace with their families rather than to alienate themselves.

Ingrid lived in the ashram as one of "the Orange People" for 10 years, after which she left and pursued a successful career in law enforcement. Three years from now, she will retire and has already begun work on a second career as a minister in a New Age type church. She has…… [Read More].

How degradation ceremonies are used as a means of social control Degradation ceremonies are a not-so subtle means of formal and informal social controls in a variety of institutional as well as informal contexts. The ceremonies suggest to the initiates involved that they must behave in such a fashion or else they will be socially ostracized. Degradation ceremonies need not be formal social or religious rituals -- for example, the House Un-American Activities anti-communist witch hunts could be seen as a form of degradation ceremony, even for those who were not legally charged with a crime or imprisoned.

The mere threat of tainting of the supposedly offending individual with the label of communist, if he or she did not 'name names' could condemn the accused person in the eyes of the public, and degrade the accused person's name and reputation in the formalized context of the ceremony or…… [Read More]. Poetic Comparisons The Death of. Rather than Klein's more stagnant relationship with his father, a man locked, in the past, the subject of the poem "Keine Lazarovitch" is almost as complex as the ebb and flux of Jewish life as a whole, rather than one segment of it, and her hold upon Layton is likewise more stormy, cyclical, and complex than the relationship of old to young detailed in Klein's poem about his father.

In Klein's poem the physicality of the father's books function the touchstone with which the poet accesses his father's memory, rather than his physical, father -- the father in death, much like the father in life is of the book, rather than a loving and guiding force, or even a force to be clashed with, as in Layton's poem.

Klein's poem makes reference to the father's pamphlets, prayers, and tomes, as if these are the subjects of the man's life entirely,…… [Read More]. Moby Dick or, The Whale is a book that can be read on a number of levels.

On the surface it is an adventure story and a mine of information about whaling and the whaling industry. However, the novel also explores the depths of the human psyche and cardinal philosophical questions relating to the meaning of life, religion and good and evil. Sociologically, the novel explores the tension between enlightened thought and the tenets of eighteenth-century Calvinism. The central theme of the work, which is clearly referred to in the quotation for this essay, is search for meaning and reality.

This is implied by Captain Ahab when he says, "How can the prisoner reach outside except by thrusting through the wall? To me, the white whale is that wall, shoved near to me. Sometimes I think there's naught beyond.

Clean Well-Lighted Place by Ernest. Now, without thinking further, he would go home to his room. He would lie in the bed and finally, with daylight, he would go to sleep. After all, he said to himself, it's probably only insomnia. Many must have it. This shows that the older waiter also needs a place to get himself through the night and experiences similar feelings as the old man. It is more though, than just the loneliness of not having a wife and someone to go home to.

It is something deeper that bothers both the old man and the older waiter. This something that bothers both the old man and the older waiter is explained by the concept of nada.

As Hoffman 91 explains, "Although the old waiter is the only one to articulate the fact, all three figures actually confront nothingness in the course of the tale.

Childhood Depression Major depressive disorder, or MDD, may affect up to twenty percent of the adult population. The recognition of depression as a serious and common mental disorder has been vital in the identification and treatment of depression in adults.

Leaps and bounds have been made in the field of depression research. The widespread recognition of the many possible causes of depression, including chemical imbalances with genetic or medical origins as well as traumatic life events, has made it possible for those suffering from depression to openly seek treatment options and discuss their depression without necessarily feeling the same overwhelming shame and isolation that were inevitable in generations past.

Depression is more likely to be identified in an affected individual by family members, physicians, or others because of the public information that is available for professionals and the common people.

Research is constantly revealing new treatment options, identifying causal factors,…… [Read More]. Consumer Society or Capitalism.

Consumer Society or Capitalism Consumer society which evolves out of capitalism has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. But even with its disadvantages, consumer society has now become an accepted from of modern society. Under the pressure of corporate politics, the commercialization of culture and the influence of mass media, the conventional literary values of Western society are deteriorating.

For the public in general, the mixing and transformative experiences of culture have been restored by the joint viewing experience and by contribution in consumer trends. Cronk, Consumerism and the New Capitalism George Orwell described consumer society as the air we breathe.

High worker output and high general levels of consumption typify efficiently improved societies of late 20th century. Though this prosperity is endorsed with making benefits like raised education and health care, it is also linked with much extended work hours, raised lose-lose social rivalry, uneven communities, economic disparity,…… [Read More].

Isolation in American Literature the. The mere fact that these people interact as much as they do is a sign of the blurring of class signs. Also, the image of Gatsby as essentially nouveau riche, is itself a statement indicating interclass mobility.

Unlike Steinbeck's story, Fitzgerald's is much more concerned with individual prejudices and stereotypes. In Gatsby, the prejudgments are of the working class against the leisured class. The work also speaks to the utter aimlessness of someone like Gatsby - a man who lives it seems, just for the sake of inoffensive pleasure, but who, at the same time, contributes nothing to the overall society.

The unbelievable disconnect between Gatsby's set, and the rest of humanity is captured in an offhand remark of one of his guests, who just happened to find himself in the library, "I've been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit…… [Read More]. Willy Loman - Illusions of.

Willy depends on influence, personality, and people liking him. The trouble is, old age has robbed him of these -- if he ever had them -- so he's living in a dream world. He idealizes the death of an year-old salesman who died alone in a hotel room. He ignores the loneliness of such a death and exaggerates the importance of the man's funeral. He likes to think his own funeral will be a big one and lots of important people will come to it.

The old man's death underlines the question, "What's it all for? Willy wants desperately for his son Biff to be a star. Success to Willy is the overnight kind, not the kind you build day-to-day, and he believes Biff can be a professional football…… [Read More]. Science Fiction Technology in Lord. His attraction to her is dictated by his own immortal loneliness and the fact that she has sufficient power to destroy him.

The danger in her thus calls to the danger in himself. Both Sam in Lord of Light and Doro in Wild Seed function optimally as lone characters as a result of their specific ideology and physiology, respectively. Sam, as part of a crew from a technologically advanced space ship, chooses not to use the power of technology in the same way as his fellow earthlings. Instead he separates himself from them by becoming a champion of the oppressed masses. Thus his interaction with the aliens is more successful than his group consciousness in terms of his own people.

Doro on the other hand is completely separated from humanity in that he is their killer. He thus is naturally alone and can come close to humanity only when…… [Read More]. Bureaucracy Working within a large bureaucracy can be at once frightening and comforting, frustrating and easy.

Three of the advantages of working within a large bureaucracy include role differentiation, anonymity, and clarity of procedures, rules, and regulations. For example, because of the hierarchical structure of the organization, employees know their roles.

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Loneliness comes like rain. It can be stormy or mild, but eventually it fades away, leaving you with sunshine of friends that wipe out darkness. You can order a custom research paper, term paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on loneliness from professional custom paper writing service which provides high-quality custom written papers.

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Free Hamlet Essays: Loneliness in Hamlet - Loneliness in Hamlet Everyone faces loneliness and despair in their lives. In today’s world people may feel misunderstood or isolated.

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To start with we should classify the essays on loneliness on the following types according to the type of essay writing applied: expository essays on loneliness, argumentative essays on loneliness, and narrative essays on loneliness. Based on the type of essay writing . Of Mice And Men Essay On Loneliness Words | 6 Pages. In the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck looks at the theme of loneliness as it affects many characters on the ranch.

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Mar 22,  · View and download loneliness essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your loneliness essay. Loneliness is not just being alone. It has to do with feeling lonely, feeling the absence of a meaningful human relationship. The fact that loneliness has something to do with feeling lonely suggests a remedy. Our feelings are amoral, that is, they are neither moral nor immoral.