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How Do I Write a Short Story Essay?

Short Story: Car Journey

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Of course, for some students who have a long tale to tell, the shackles are still there in the form of a restriction to a certain number of words. If you find yourself in such a position, take it as a challenge that will serve to heighten your creativity as you teach yourself to write a complete short story in 1, words or 1, words. Occasionally, you could also feel restricted if your instructor rules out a certain genre, such as romance. Bear in mind that writing a short story is a measure not only of your ability to write but also of your appreciation of how literature works.

Good storytelling always has a structure, which we call a plot or a plotline, and this is what you need to demonstrate in your essay. Before dealing specifically with the development of the plot, you must choose your topic for a short story.

When you receive your assignment, make a list of your ideas taking into account the required length and the permitted genres. Ask yourself these questions: By asking these questions, your answers to some of them will already prepare the way for the development of the plot. At this point you need to work on your outline. To do so, you need to take the elements of the plotline into account.

Simply stated, the plotline reveals the following stages: As you work on your outline, you need to work according to the plotline. The simplest form for the shortest of stories will devote one paragraph to each of these stages, perhaps two or three paragraphs for the rising action. With your outline complete, you are ready to write your story. Getting down to writing … and a twist. Your writing should proceed through several drafts. In the first draft, you simply write without hesitation or much care about grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Your objective is to get the story down on paper without being troubled by any thoughts of whether this is correct, although you must keep to your outline. As you come to your second draft, you take more care, you edit, and you correct obvious errors. With each draft, you improve your story, and the more drafts you make, the better your story should be. Any way to do that?? Click here for email address to submit your article.

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Please use proper English with correct spelling and grammar in your comment. For enquiries, please email the administrator of this blog: Student at Malaysia-Students dot com. August laughed loudly as Kate stepped on the accelerator again. The car swiftly overtook theirs and Kate scoffed.

August caught his breath from laughing too hard and sighed. I bet you'll love her,". August hummed and twisted back to the window. The landscape had become more rural than before, and he could just make out the shadows of sheep and cows in the fields as they whizzed by.

He wondered whether he would actually love his mother, this Beth woman. That did not concern him as much as whether she would reject him. Kate was more aware of August's feelings than he thought. She gulped again as she saw the street sign that matched the one of the address she had scrawled down on a post-it note while they were talking over the phone. I'm just as nervous as you are, okay?

It's not like she's your mother," August replied. He watched the numbers on the doors of the houses they passed, counting each one.

Kate stayed silent as she parked neatly on the pavement next to house number fifteen, and August impatiently unbuckled his seat belt, reaching for the car door handle.

August hesitated before facing his mother. That's exactly why I am worried. She's your mother," Kate had her hands tight on the steering wheel, and could not muster the strength to look over to her right.

August huffed and rolled his eyes, "Look Kate finally looked over to her son with a soft smile. She leaned forward for a hug and August dodged, immediately climbing out of the car.

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Here are many examples of short stories for you to read online. Online has become another leg in our life. WE have to take that into account so that we will go along the growth of the science and technology.

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"The School" is a little gem of a short-short story by Donald Barthelme. Every word is dedicated toward moving the story forward and holding the reader spellbound. Economy of words and eloquent punctuation are hallmarks of this remarkable work. The Short Story Essay. by Owen Fourie “Yes! A short story!” I have found that most students react favorably to an assignment requiring them to write a short story. They sense that the straitjacket has been removed, and the creative juices begin to flow.

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