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Sample Essay on Texting

Technological advancements in communication

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The power of a text

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This has made it the easiest form of communication that is available and affordable in that case. Instant messaging platform allows one to have multiple streams of conversation at a go, so it is easier to have more people chatting at the same time. As compared to a phone call where you are limited to one call at a time, text messaging allows for two-way text messaging, so once can reply to a new conversation while the other users take some time to reply back.

Social media can be a great way to send messages to your followers, but you may not reach all the users at a go. Texting messaging on the other hand, allows you to convey any information or updates that may be happening at the moment. With the help of various types of text messaging software, the users can be in a position to reply back and you have the feedback of what the other side looks like. New smart phones are popping into the market every single day.

Now, everyone can own one at a cost friendly price. This has made texting and instant messaging easier for everyone. Others have gone a notch hire with unique features such as a video function that allows you to see the other person when communicating.

Well, while texting may be receiving all the buzz with unending convenience when it comes to conveying information, there remains a major gap that is growing bigger each day. The social link especially between parents and their children is fading away slowly.

The art of texting have a negative impact on our social life and education system in an alarming rate. Here are some of the ways texting could be killing our communication skills.

Most people especially in a gathering will keep their heads buried to their phones texting. This denies us the chance to have a meaningful dialogue or a face-to-face conversation. It also reduces the benefit of body language in communication. Texting distracts us from being present in the actual event. Messages interrupt our brain function and takes away the attention.

As a result, we are not presence in the moment is not felt which is a shortcoming in the lives of many. Shortcuts with punctuation, spelling and emoticons does not help our youth to learn the necessary writing and communication skills. These skills are important for their college education and the texting ends up ruining the moment.

There you have it. The pros and cons of text messaging. These are just few of the many points related to texting. What do you think? Thank you very much! Additionally, text messaging like social media allows for people to maintain personal relationships with those that they do not have the ability to see on a regular basis. The ability of instant, efficient communication that the text message provides can help people maintain a relationship with a friend when the two literally live on opposite sides of the country Minshall, The decline of communication due to technology.

Though the power of text messaging has many benefits to it, the misuse of this technology can cause serious problems for society. With the ability to communicate instantaneously on a mobile device, society focuses more and more on their mobile phones at the expensive of focusing on other, important tasks such as driving. Texting and driving is a hot topic nowadays, in not only the number of accidents that it causes per year but also the amount of money the state spends on combating drivers from texting and driving.

This program will hire police spotters on highway overpasses who are trained to look for motorists that are engaging in texting and driving. The problems do not end only with state spending on making sure individuals responsibly wield the power of texting.

People are so addicted to the use of text messaging that they are literally causing themselves physical harm from over use on their mobile phones. The areas most effected by over texting are: By looking down at a phone screen and having a slumped posture, individuals are adding as much as 20 or 30 pounds of weight that their neck must support.

By putting excessive strain on the neck, the body must compensate and can lead to injury. This can be easily avoided if individuals take the time to limit the number of texts they send and the time they look at the phones in a downward angle, however many people will just ignore the pain and act as though it is not a serious issue Broaddus, As found by Ya-Shu Liang, a licensed psychologist and Ph. People have come to expect to receive information at a blazing pace, and when they are denied their expected speed of response, they can become frustrated with the other person.

In addition to this, the use of text messaging can lead to a person having to maintain a number of relationships to the point where that person has no close relationships. The person has to maintain such a large number of different relationships that he or she is unable to, by time constraints or other means, have a close, personal relationship Hawkes, Even with the use of technology in forming a romantic relationship, the over use of text messaging can be detrimental.

Modern times allow for a person to meet individuals from setting that are no longer face-to-face. With the advent of internet dating, a person can meet someone new and form a relationship based almost exclusively on emailing and text messages.

The problem with forming a relationship in this matter is, as Dr. Liang states, is that an individual will likely form unrealistic expectations and standards of the person based on their electronic interactions. People have a preconceived notion on the manner of another and will assume they will act a certain way before they ever meet face-to-face, as opposed to meeting some the first time face-to-face and forming opinions about them based on the way they act Hawkes, Click here to read about social relationships among young adults.

The invention of text messaging has revolutionized the way in which people can communicate on a regular basis. The power that it gives to society is nothing short of awesome in that it allows for instantaneous, efficient means of having a conversation. However, with this great power that text messaging offers society; there comes a great deal of responsibility for correctly and safely using it.

People need to be able to efficiently manage the use of their text messaging. We must be able to hold ourselves accountable for texting at appropriate times. We have to be able to know when it is a right and wrong time to engage in texting. If we do not, the government will continue to have to waste its time, effort, and resources to ensure that individuals are not abusing the power of text messaging.

So, it is on a personal level that society must correctly use this awesome power. When driving a car, a person must have the clarity of mind to put down their phone. When their body physically hurts from over texting, they must put down the phone and take a break. We have to remember that our relationships are real, physical things with others and are not confined to only being used on a cellular phone. The text message has so many potential upsides that it is crucial that society learns to be responsible with this power.

Only then, can we realize the full potential that the text message has. Connecticut, Massachusetts to use police spotters to catch culprits in federal test. This blog post is provided free of charge and we encourage you to use it for your research and writing.

However, we do require that you cite it properly using the citation provided below in MLA format. Ultius Blog, 20 Jun.

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