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Home Is Where The Heart Is

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❶However, beyond every mistakes that I had made, they still forgave me if I recognized and said sorry to them.

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By the end, we had constructed two beautiful homes for two beautiful families. Although hammering thousands upon thousands of nails and mixing thick cement was physically straining, saying good-bye to those families was the hardest thing we had to do that week. The language barrier was blown away and we all were soon speaking the same language: As we left, with tears in our eyes, we looked back at the families and realized the immensity of what we had accomplished.

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Your mind is your home or you can place your mind at certain place and can call it as home. Both of these phrases are same but have different meanings. If you have a simple house with just two rooms in it, it is still a home if your mind and your heart are ready to live and enjoy life in that small house.

Your attitude towards life depends upon how you look at things. Thus, wherever you feel at comfort and peace in life becomes the dwelling place of your mind and heart.

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“Home is where the heart is” describes the true condition of this busy world. This phrase is applicable to those who have buried themselves into work and don’t even find time to ask other people about their health. It is true that if you want to survive you must work.

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Home for me is made of experiences—moments of my life that helped to change me and to teach me. For that reason, my home is also people and when home takes on a human form, it is called family. I believe that family is a relative term—nothing to do with blood, defined by relationships. Essay Home is Where the Heart is By definition a house is a building built for habitation where as a home is an abode built for one's family. But a home is something more special than that. A home is a place, where you feel comfortable.

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Home is where the heart is.’ Compare and contrast the ways in which home is presented in at least two poems in the light of this claim. It is clear to determine that the semantic fields of both poems include childhood, reminiscence, starting anew and melancholy. In the Heart of the Sea Essay. In the Heart of the Sea The novel “In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex,” by Nathaniel Philbrick, successfully tells the story of the whale ship Essex that was attacked by a sperm whale 1, nautical miles west of the Galapagos, 40 miles south of the equator.