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Permutations And Combinations Homework Help

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Permutations and combinations homework help best texts!

How would you put it though? If it's bunched up as a unit, the empty spaces need to have 8 seats to fill up the unit but in actual fact, 4 of those empty spaces only correspond to 1 seat while the other one that is being occupied corresponds to 8. In this part of the problem, the 8! The 5 comes from choosing where the 8 people will sit. You can think of it as picking where the first person will sit and since everyone sits together the other 7 will have to fill in the seats directly after the first person.

Thus the first person sitting can only choose between the first 5 seats, if he goes any further into the row then some number of the party will fall off the end. So for part ii: As others have said it is best to subtract from the part i answer the number of ways in which Mary and Frances can sit together. Why is this 11C1? If it's a 2 seat segment, isn't it 6C1, since there are 6 pairs of 2 seats?

I also noticed your flair, it's 2 fields I'm pretty interested in. What sort of work do you do, if you don't mind me asking? If we label each of the 12 seats with a number , 6C1 will cover the pairs 0,1 , 2,3 , 4,5 , 6,7 , 8,9 , and 10, However, Mary and Frances can also sit in 1,2 , 3,4 , 5,6 , 7,8 , and 9, Thus there are 11 possible 2-seat segments not just 6.

As far as my work, I currently work in a lab that is developing new analytical instrumentation. My duties mostly lie on the software side of things but I do some chemistry now and then. I didn't notice that. How would I calculate the number of 2-seat segments for other problems in the future? Just list them out? No you can think about where to put the first person and know that the second person will have to sit right next to them.

So it will always be n- x-1 where n is the total number of seats and x is the number of people sitting together. I don't get why that formula works. I can see that it yields the numbers we're looking for but I'm not convinced of its workings. I'm looking at it like this. You have 12 seats, let's say we fix Mary to be in the 1st, so Frances will have to sit in the 2nd.

For the next arrangement, we fix Mary to be in the 2nd, so Frances will have to sit in the 3rd. So on and so forth, there will be 11 choices for Frances in total? Don't think about whether Mary or Frances will sit first, that is not a part of what I gave you. Determining the ordering of your objects within the segment is a different step.

Use that formula in order to determine how many appropriately sized segments there are and once you've done that you can multiply by the number of ways to order your objects.

If you have a total of n spaces and you have x objects that must be next to each other then there are n- x-1 spots you can put them. Think about putting all x object in the first x spaces, that is the first spot you can put them. Now think about moving them over one space, that is the next spot you can put your x objects. You can keep moving your group over by one until the last member of your set is located in the last available space.

Thus in the first configuration, the one where all your objects were jammed in the first x spaces, the last object was in the xth space. In the last configuration, where all your objects are jammed into the last x spaces, your last object is in the nth space. Correct me if I'm wrong, is this formula just counting the number of possible ways the xth object can be placed in n spaces?

It counts the ways you can select x adjacent spaces out of a total of n spaces. It does not count the ways you can place the objects within those x spaces, putting x specific objects in each of the spaces still requires you to multiply by x!. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

In the second part of the question, we restrict the password by not allowing repetition of digits. I ask students, before we calculate, "why does it make sense that this would reduce the number of possible combinations? Sign Up Log In. Unit 10 Unit 1: Starting Right Unit 2: Scale of the Universe: Making Sense of Numbers Unit 3: Fluency and Applications Unit 4: Chrome in the Classroom Unit 5: Lines, Angles, and Algebraic Reasoning Unit 6: Math Exploratorium Unit 7: A Year in Review Unit 8: Linear Regression Unit 9: Sets, Subsets and the Universe Unit Special Exponents Unit Unit More with Exponents Unit Statistical Spirals Unit Permutations Practice Add to Favorites 2 teachers like this lesson.

Students will be able to solve basic permutation problems. Big Idea Factorials help us solve basic permutation problems. Permutations and Combinations are widely used terms in Mathematics. A Permutation is a set of objects is a listing of the objects in some specific order. The number of different permutations of n is given by n! It is one of the different arrangements of a group of objects where order matters.

The number of permutations of n objects taken r at a time is: Find the number of ways to arrange 4 people in groups of 3 at a time where order matters. Therefore, there are 24 ways to arrange 4 items taken 3 at a time when order matters. A Combination on the other hand is a mix of different objects, with no order. A Combination is one of the different arrangements of a group of items where order does not matter.


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"My fruit salad is a combination of apples, To help you to remember, think "Permutation Position" Permutations. There are basically two types of permutation: Repetition is Allowed: such as the lock above. It could be "". Combinations and Permutations Calculator Pascal's Triangle Lotteries. Permutations and combination assignment help by dedicated experts of EssayCorp. Clear your doubts on permutations and combinations problems & learn more on same/5(K).

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